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Modern Wedding Photography

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The reality of wedding photography and the way it works has changed greatly. At one time, the brides family would have to pay a great deal for professional photographers, who would then take weeks (sometimes months) to develop and deliver the final photographs.

In recent times, however, the way wedding photography is preformed has changed. Sophisticated digital cameras at a relatively inexpensive price (compared to professional photographers) has made 'do-it-yourself' photography at weddings very popular.

Taking the photos at a wedding without the aid of a professional is very possible, as long as few careful aspects are carefully noted.

The camera will obviously have a big impact on the type of picture that results. A high megapixel digital camera is ideal for taking photos, as film is cumbersome, takes a great deal longer to develop, and is difficult to copy in the same high quality.

The minimum amount of megapixels needed is 6, but that is the absolute minimum. Eight megapixels are ideal, and anything higher will not make a huge difference in the photos.

The ability to manually focus the camera with detachable lens will make the photos much higher quality than an auto-focusing camera.

The best cameras generally come from Nikon and Cannon. The Cannon Rebel is a good example of a camera that is both digital and that takes excellent phots.
No matter the quality of the camera, a skilled photographer will be needed to take beautiful and professional pictures. Fortunately, there are many finely skilled students and hobbyist who are able to do the same work at a fraction of the price. Other times, a family member who used to do photography, or a friend who is skilled can do the work. A friend or family member will probably be willing to do it for free as a gift.

Ideally, the photographer will have his or her own camera. If not, you will need to rent a camera for them to use. A camera that the photographer is familiar with will result in better pictures. If the photographer is not familiar with the camera, you should give them at least 24 hours to use it before the day of the wedding. Be sure to test the photographers skills before officially hiring him.

Obtaining photographs in this manner is ideal. Many high quality wedding photos have been obtained this way.

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